Hexagon Brazier

Your brazier in Saint-Tropez

We are happy to unveil our exceptional collection of French braziers in Saint-Tropez. Our braziers embody conviviality and sharing, while being both simple and high-end. They are the perfect tool for weaving new memories outdoors during delicious meals with friends, whatever the weather, all year round, 365 days a year.

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In Saint-Tropez, knowing how to share rare and precious moments. Offer your guests the best. Surprise and offer memorable taste experiences. All this is embodied by our Hexagon brazier. It represents the essential reference, undeniable and timeless, for all lovers of the French art of living.

Our braziers Made in France

French hexagonal brazier

Our workshop

In our French workshop (Dardilly, Rhône) our companions cook the sheet metal, cut it, fold it, breathe life into it and give it body. Our braziers are the result of authentic manual know-how, resulting from decades of excellence in metalwork.

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